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BSP Continues to invest in Children’s Literacy

Thursday, August 5, 2021

 In support of increasing literacy rates in PNG and equipping children at an early age to read and write, BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) announced its continued partnership with Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) Library Learning Centre at the Tatana Library Learning Center, outside Port Moresby on Wednesday 4th August, 2021.

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming when signing the agreement for K238, 000 support said, "BSP is privileged to partner with BbP to promote education among children, and ultimately play a part in improving access to education in PNG. As a people’s bank, we aim to support development in PNG through financial support for community development projects and programs such as this.”

“Our contribution towards the development of our children in PNG is not only through basic numeracy and literacy skills but also through financial literacy, equipping them with real life skills to sustain and apply in their livelihoods now and in future," said Fleming.

Fleming added that: “equipping children at an early age to read and write is fundamental in ensuring a head start in a child’s education. Learning how to read gives them access to the right doors so they can then be empowered to make right choices in their education, with their health and their lives.

BbP Executive Officer Leanne Resson upon signing the MOU said, “we are deeply grateful to BSP for their long-term sponsorship towards Buk bilong Pikinini.”

On the same token, BbP Founder and Chairwoman Anne-Sophie added: “hundreds of children have benefited from attending the Library Learning Centre for BbP’s Early Childhood Education Program, including afternoon Library services for children of all age groups. Many have graduated from BbP centres with early learning in basic reading and writing skills including numeracy skills in counting.”

BSP will continue to work with BbP to provide the children with financial literacy and numeracy skills through targeted sessions and activities, which are engaging and fun for young children.

BSP has been working in partnership with BbP since 2012 investing over K1.6 million, witnessing hundreds of children graduating from the program with acquired early learning skills and positive behaviours. These sessions will continue this year across the BSP sponsored BbP Library Learning Centres in Lae (Unitech), University of Goroka and in Lorengau, Manus.

These BbP Learning Centres will also host an event to celebrate the partnership, which will coincide with the 2021 National Book Week Celebrations from 21st – 26th August, 2021.