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BSP continues support for Hiri Moale festival

Friday, March 1, 2024

BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) is pleased to announce the bank will continue to support the Hiri Moale Festival, with a K100,000.00 donation to the organisers of Port Moresby’s premier cultural event.

Today, Friday 1st March, 2024, a cheque was presented to the organising committee at Ravalian Haus in Port Moresby by BSP Group Chief Executive Officer Mark Robinson.

The Hiri Moale Festival has its roots in the traditional trade voyages that took place between the Motuan people of the Central Province and the people of the Gulf Province.

The festival is a celebration of Motuan culture and features a range of activities, including traditional dances, canoe races, and handicraft displays. 2024 marks a milestone for the festival, fifty years on from the inaugural event under the leadership of Janetta Douglas, MBE. Janetta was one of the earliest promoters of PNG as a tourism destination and worked tirelessly to preserve the cultural heritage of its people.

Hiri Moale Organising Committee member Molly O’Rourke, BSP Group CEO Mark Robinson & Hiri Hanenamo Kimjosh Damuri and other members of the MKA.

During the presentation, BSP Chief Executive Officer Mark Robinson said “BSP has a long tradition of supporting cultural activities not only in Papua New Guinea, but throughout our Pacific wide community. Festivals such as Hiri Moale are an important way to bring people together and to promote tourism. The festival provides an excellent platform for people to not only share their culture and traditions, but also pass them down to the next generation. We congratulate the organisers on reaching this important milestone and wish them all the very best with this year’s event.”  

Present to receive the cheque on behalf of the event organising committee was Mrs Molly O’Rourke accompanied by 2023 Hiri Hanenamo, Miss Kimjosh Damuri.