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BSP commence roll out of the American Express Cards on Merchants

Friday, September 1, 2023

BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) is set to begin a significant functionality enhancement rollout on all its EFTPoS and ATM services.

BSP operates the largest ATM and EFTPoS network in PNG with 321 ATMs and over 10,000 EFTPoS currently in operation throughout the country. These merchant services provide a convenient way to access funds in your bank account using your BSP KunduCard, BSP VISA Debit Card or Corporate VISA Card.

The process of upgrading these machines is to add additional functionality and capability to accept American Express (AMEX) Cards to access cash and make purchases conveniently using these BSP services.

BSP Deputy Retail General Manager Peter Komon when announcing this said, “Diversifying our services to facilitate transactions has been our main priority. This successful enhancement on BSP ATMs and EFTPoS is all testimony on BSPs commitment in making banking easier, convenient and safer.”

LEFT: Customer Inserting an AMEX Card on an ATM. RIGHT: Customer Inserting an AMEX Card on an EFTPoS Terminal

“This enhancement strengthens our merchant services offerings as a leading bank in the country. More than ever, we know that consumers are increasingly looking for ways to get more from the financial services industry and it is our commitment to provide services that are flexible and convenient," added Mr Komon.

“As we expand our presence, AMEX Cardholders can use their cards at significantly any BSP EFTPoS and ATM. This will not only enhance business opportunities but also accommodate for economy growth. We're delighted to join hands with American Express in this arrangement which benefits customers of both banks and believe this increases the sophistication of PNG's banking system,” he added.

BSP continues to keep up with the trends in banking technology, which this is another step forward for the bank in adding additional enhanced program to provide efficient banking solutions for customers and people.