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BSP Closes Chuave and Mendi Branch Doors - Porgera Remains Closed

Thursday, August 11, 2022

BSP Group CEO, Robin Fleming upon confirming this said, BSP Sub Branches in Koroba, Kabwum, Mutzing, and just yesterday Chuave, have closed their doors due to security issues related to the 2022 National General Elections while, BSP Porgera branch was closed last month following tribal fighting in the Porgera valley.

Fleming said, “We closed BSP Chuave Sub Branch yesterday after the office complex, which BSP operates from, was ransacked by supporters of losing candidates.  We also had to close BSP Mendi branch earlier this week due to election related unrest.  Mendi branch is now open for business, however, we are monitoring the security situation there closely.”

“Though we regret having to close these branches, especially those in communities where no other banks operate, we cannot guarantee the safety of our customers, staff, and assets.” added Mr Fleming.

BSP Chuave Sub Branch is closed indefinitely until the extent of damage is known, as well as the cost to make the sub branch operational, while BSP Mendi Branch has been re-opened for business.

Where ever possible BSP has tried to remain open during election related violence and staff in those towns have adopted a restricted access approach during to reduce the number of people in the branch at any point in time for security reasons.

Porgera branch remains closed and is subject to ongoing security assessments to determine when it will be safe for staff and customers to re-open the branch.

Mr Fleming thanked all BSP staff in the violence-affected areas for their support of, and commitment to customers over this period.

 BSP apologises for this inconvenience and encourages its customers to use its digital banking platforms, like BSP USSD Mobile Banking, BSP Personal Internet Banking and BSP Online Business Banking, which are safer and more convenient.