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BSP & BbP Celebrate Partnership Anniversary

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Access to quality childcare and education can have a remarkably positive impact on children, especially for those children who face developmental, physical or economic challenges.

Ten years ago, BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) saw the opportunity to address this need to partner with Buk Bilong Pikinini (BbP) Children’s Libraries, with an emphasis on serving children from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs as part of the banks community values.

The partnership has seen BSP supporting BbP in funding its operations at 3 libraries in Lae (Unitech), Manus & Goroka since 2012.

This year, BbP celebrates its 15 years of establishment in the country since in 2007, whilst recognising the 10 years of continued support by BSP as platinum sponsors of the program.

Speaking at the anniversary celebration and Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) signing at the BbP Library Centre in Lae Unitech Campus, Leanne Resson Executive Officer for BbP said, “Fifteen (15) years ago we opened doors with limited resources for children, today we have facilities and resources to care for the number of children we have each year. Less than 10% of our enrollment is also reserved for children with special needs. Thank you BSP for the continued support.”

“All we want is to provide quality, affordable, childcare, pre-school education for families of all economic backgrounds with a mission to help increase literacy rates in PNG. We are keen to provide an opportunity for the most vulnerable children in society by opening to doors of their young minds high quality children's books as well as educational toys and craft materials,” Resson said.

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming also present at the celebration commended the BbP for the wonderful work in empowering and educating children who are the future of this nation.

“We understand that from current early years’, children learn best through play-based learning. Early learning programs delivered by qualified educators make a big difference to children’s outcomes. And, in the right environment, under the guidance of passionate and qualified educators, children will learn valuable skills to help them have a confident and successful start to school. We believe BbP has it all,” said Fleming.

Leanne Resson Executive Officer for BbP and BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming signing the agreement in Lae.

Fleming added: “We are pleased that we have invested in a program that contributes to the development of our people and community, and even more about educating our children on the innovative early childhood learning and providing children with the skills they will need for the emerging world.”

BSP has so far invested over K2.4m since 2012 in assisting Buk bilong Pikinini with their operations as well as maintaining and sustaining the three libraries in Lae, Goroka and Manus.

In 2019, financial literacy sessions were also introduced at the libraries in partnership with the BSP team to teach the children the value of money and saving through fun and interactive games and activities.

BSP has been working in partnership with BbP since 2012 and have witnessed hundreds of children graduating from the program with acquired skills and positive behaviours. These sessions will continue this year across BbP's Library Learning Centers.