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BSP assists locals with fish market in Gaire

Friday, August 27, 2021

The sight of Fresh bundles of fish is familiar for many who travel the Magi Highway, in particular Gaire which has become a mini economic hub for commuters along this highway.

BSP Financial Group through its Community Project initiative has come to the assistance of the Gaire Community, building its Fish Market and installing a 2000L water tank & pump, a hand wash basin and instalment of a solar kit for the market including a solar LED streetlight for the community in the hope to empower and also boost the local economy.

The Retail team from the Waigani Head Office on Friday 27th August 2021, opened the Fish Market, handing the project back to the community, its leaders and youths.

BSP Group General Manager for Retail Daniel Faunt said while the bank has 52 Community Projects to deliver this year, this Fish Market is just one of the 25 projects that the bank’s business units have so far completed.

BSP Group General Manager for Retail Daniel Faunt, Deputy GM Customer Service and Sales Peter Komon, BSP Waigani Head Officer Retail Staff and the community members at the Market opening.

“We have seven core values and community is one which is very important to us – we spend a lot of money without expecting anything in return and whilst this is a small contribution to the Gaire Community I hope that it empowers the community to generate your own business and drive the economy here in Gaire.

Mr Faunt encouraged the community to look after the gift saying,” While we are the people’s bank, we welcome competition but in most areas in PNG where you travel to, BSP is the only bank servicing those areas and we are proud of that.

Gaire Council for Change Elder Kema Sere in receiving the project said to bring such facility to Gaire is a milestone for the community who now have a proper facility set up to sell their produce.

“Gaire is a mini hub, everyone that travels up this highway stops by and we are fortunate to have this project on our land - we are so proud that we have a bank here sharing with the communities around the country through various Community Projects covering Education, Health, and other worthy projects. Thank you BSP for coming along to make this a business hub of the Gaire Community,” Mr Sere added.