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BSP Aitape, delivering more than banking, 40 years on

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

From humble beginnings near the banks of the Aitape river, BSP Aitape Branch continues to deliver banking services to the people of Aitape Lumi and West Sepik 40 years on.

As part of the network of 40 branches and 38 sub-branches in the BSP Group,   Aitape branch  is one of 21 locations around the country where BSP is the only bank serving the community.

BSP Financial Group Limited General Manager for Retail, Daniel Faunt, said the Aitape Branch serves not only the population of Aitape sub district, but also Lumi and Nuku in the hinterlands where over 20,000 BSP customers reside.

“We are also assisted by our two BSP Cash Agents - Aware Trading Limited at Poro Block on the West Coast, and K12 Revive Trading, a new agent at Yangkok, inland Nuku.  We also have 40 active EFTPoS terminals throughout Aitape, Lumi and Nuku,” Mr Faunt said.

BSP Agent - Aware Trade Store owner Wilson Miroi issued EFTPoS termainal by BSP Aitape Staff Sandra Nongi.

Aware Trading owner Wilson Miroi said by operating a trade store and BSP Cash Agency, he is now able to provide local farmers with a much needed access point for them not only to sell their wet cocoa beans, but to also open new bank accounts with BSP, and deposit and save the proceeds of their sales. “That way it’s easier for me to make payments to their accounts instead of me looking for notes to pay them.”

Mr Faunt added that BSP delivers more than just banking services in Aitape. “Since the inception of our Community Project in 2009, we have delivered 12 Community Projects valued at K275, 000 in Aitape.

“We believes in creating and strengthening relationships with communities we operates in and we have delivered projects around the themes of; Access to Clean Water, Empowering Women and Children, Solar Lights for High Schools, Education (through Digital Inclusiveness and Refurbishing Classrooms), and Equipping Hospitals.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BSP delivered 105 Hand Wash Stations in respective communities in PNG last year and the people of Aitape were also assisted through the donation of a hand wash station to the Delta Care Store at the Raihu District Hospital.

Store Manager James Kuma said the initiative was a blessing. “We all were relieved because this store is not for profit, but assists the hospital staff when they are in need so this hand washing station was a great relief for us.’’