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Bankers retire after 573 total years of service

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Seventeen of BSP employees from the Retail Bank Strategic Business Unit who clocked 573 colourful years of service will call-it-a day at the end of today (Thursday 31st December, 2020).

In the presence of BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming, Retail Bank Management and colleagues, the retirees were treated to a Heros' farewell ceremony on Tuesday 29th December, 2020, in Port Moresby.

The group comprised of Janitors, Customer Service Officers and Managers with years of service with the bank ranging between 30 and 40 years.

Amongst them was Madang Branch Customer Service Officer, Steven Wapikwari, who reflected on his term of service as "Loyalty to one's employer. Serving the bank and the people of PNG was what I enjoyed the most in my almost 42 years of service with Bank South Pacific."

"I came from a not-so-well-off family and commenced my employment with BSP in 1979 at Lae's Top Town Branch. Through BSP, I was able to look after my family and in return served the bank with commitment and loyalty.  I am proud of my achievement and will continue to serve after leaving formal employment with BSP in terms of providing banking services as a BSP Agent.," Steven added.

Steven is among two staff who has had over 41 years of service with BSP. Lucy Darius from BSP Kavineg Branch is the other.

Kanawi Chapiu, BSP's Field Mentoring & Coaching Manager is no stranger with BSP Home Loans customers. He also leaves the bank after 37 years of service.

"BSP is all about people! Today 16 of us leave, having clocked a total of 573 massive years of service in BSP. This has been a milestone. On average that is 36 years of service for us - BSP is one of the preferred employer in the chosen market operating," Kanawi said.

"We take pride in ourselves for transforming BSP to where it is now. From the traditional banking to the digital era now, that's the change we have witnessed and we should be proud of ourselves for coming this far. We set the growth of the expansion to the Pacific and now Asia market for BSP.  Who would have thought that BSP would come this far? I started with BSP as a subsidiary of National Australian Bank.

"We have enjoyed our life with BSP and we have no regrets leaving. Thank you to BSP, we leave behind fine memories and we challenge the young generations to take this bank to the next level," Kanawi added.

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming in commending the staff for their years of service said BSP is the biggest financial institution in the Pacific and the preferred employer.

"Your whole life has been around serving customers, carrying out your duties to the best of your efforts day in, day out. The people you work with every day, you spend more time with the staff than you do with your families. Five days a week, 50 odd hours a week, over 40 years with your colleagues for some of you. As you move onto retirement, take the time to spend with your families. We do thank you very much for your contribution to BSP," Mr Fleming added.

Sixteen of the 17 BSP 2020 retirees with BSP GM Retail Daniel Faunt, BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming and BSP Deputy GM Retail Sales & Customer Service Peter Komon