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Agents extending access to BSP services

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Eastern Highlands Province has eight Districts, seven of which BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) services through its Branch Networks in Goroka Town,  Kainantu and the Sub-Branches in Daulo, Henganofi, Lufa, Aiyura, Yonki and Okapa.

BSP Group Retail General Manager Daniel Faunt said Daulo and Goroka Districts each have BSP Agents who form an important part of BSP’s growing network of services.

“BSP Agents include trade stores, supermarkets, tyre repair outlets, and many more. In most cases, the owner of an outlet conducts banking transactions on behalf of BSP. They assist with BSP’s 60,000 plus customers in Eastern Highlands.

Agents extend BSP’s footprint, reinforcing BSP’s position as an industry leader, extending access to financial services for the unbanked and underbanked population.  They provide basic banking services like Personal Account Opening, Deposits and Withdrawals and Mobile Banking registrations.” Mr Faunt Explained.

“In Daulo district, we have Hataville Trading in Wantrifu Village, Asaro Station.  Another Cash Agent is Lahini Poultry Supplies Trading in Goroka District’s Asaroyufa Village, Gahuku LLG.” Mr Faunt added.

Kainantu Town is one of the 21 areas in PNG where BSP is the only Bank operating but that has not stopped BSP going an extra step in assisting the communities in Eastern Highlands Province with 24 projects valued at half a million kina since 2009.

With a population close to 200,000 people, the Kainantu Rural Hospital is one of those areas BSP recently assisted with its yearly Community Projects – the renovation and refurbishment of Kainantu Rural Hospital Doctors Transit Home.

BSP Kainantu Branch Manager Marco Hamen said the project enhances good working relationship between the Bank, Hospital Staff and the wider community, adding value to the hospital’s infrastructure and assets.

“BSP Kainantu Branch is happy the hospital now has a renovated three-bedroom house to accommodate visiting specialist doctors,” Hamen said during the handover of the facility early this year.

Kainantu Rural Hospital Acting Chief Medical Administrator Dr Tara Susuke expressed sincere thanks to BSP for lending the support to the hospital.

“There were plans to develop the hospital facilities, but support and funds were hard to get from district and provincial government agencies hence I would like to thank BSP for this valuable support.

Other 24 projects carried out in communities in Eastern Highlands include the installation of Solar Powered lights at Aiyura National High School and Rintube High Schools respectively in 2018, the renovation of Accident & Emergency ward at Goroka General Hospital in 2013 and installation of three water tanks at Okiufa Primary School back in 2011.

Happy PMV Commuters in Kainantu use the BSP refurbished Bus stop in 2019