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A FREE mobile payment service for BSP SMEs!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Bank South Pacific (BSP) officially launched the BSP Mobile Merchant payments via BSP Mobile Banking *131#.

The bank continues to expand the reach through its digital services in which customers can pay using  BSP Mobile Banking *131#, from mobile phone credits to utility bills, school fees and now goods and services from local SME's.

BSP SME's can register for FREE to become a BSP Mobile Merchant and the best part about this offer is that there are no monthly service fees, offering small businesses an affordable mobile payment alternative to their customers.

"As an SME in Papua New Guinea, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my customer experience and also reduce the bank fees associated with being a small business merchant. Becoming a Mobile Banking merchant for me means that I can now provide an alternative and cheaper payment solution that is convenient, fast and safe. In this day and age, everyone carries a phone and have become so dependent on their phones. So we thought, why not make it easy for them to make payments on the one thing that has become a fixed part of the daily lives, their mobile phone", Florence Daple, Director - East Street Fitness.

Accessible via any mobile device 24/7, the added function to BSP Mobile Banking *131# promotes safe and secure digital payments. Customers can simply mobile-bank to pay for goods and services rendered by a registered BSP Mobile Merchant.

Digital General Manager, Nuni Kulu emphasised that, "The added payment function to our suite of services allows our customers to now pay through BSP Mobile Banking *131# which is a testament to the positive adoption of our digital product and service offerings. We are always looking for avenues to offer cheaper payment and merchant facilities and this mobile merchant facility, does just that. This new service allows more BSP customers to make convenient and safe payments to support our local SMEs".

To make payment simply dial *131#, select payments and Mobile Merchants, enter the merchant code and proceed to complete the payment. Once payment is successful, a receipt is generated automatically to the Mobile Merchant and the customer.

East Street Fitness, Tapioca Delight, St. John Ambulance and Water PNG are among the first to pilot the Mobile Merchant Payment Service. Small businesses interested in becoming a BSP Mobile Merchant can send us an email servicebsp@bsp.com.pg or contact 3201212/70301212 for assistance.