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Relphina Subul

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Being loyal to one employer for many years is indeed a testimony of one's ability to stand the test of time.

When Relphina Subul joined Bank South Pacific (BSP) on 17th February, 1978, she never had plans to stay on for 40 years. 

But like every mother, she wanted the best for her children- for a better education and a good job for a better tomorrow. Giving her best for her family was the motivating factor that kept her in the job with the Bank for the last 40 years.

Looking back, it is a long journey. I thank the green bank for awesome journey to this date. It was an achievement and a milestone in my career and life. This is a result of hard work, commitment and living one of the bank's core values which is Integrity.

One of her most striking experience while working for the bank was in 2001 when they announced the merge of Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation and Bank South Pacific. 

"I thought life was going to be hard, like in regard to processes and procedures, but when the day came, everything was just the same not much of a change. I had to accept the change and move on, and do my job," Relphina said.

I thank all the people in my life who have support me through this 40 years journey.

Firstly, I praise the good Lord for his endless blessings over me and my family. Secondly, I wish to thank my one and only employer BSP for giving me a career with the organisation and finally, my family for supporting me all the way through in good and bad times.

The secret of my commitment to the bank is being committed, faithful and enjoying my job. "Nothing fancy can beat no experience."

For my 40 years with the bank, I have witnessed a lot of changes particularly during countless moves from one branch unit to another.


Joined the Bank: 17th January 1978-PNGBC

Positions held over the last 40 years:

1978-1984: Enquiry Clerk, Batch Clerk, Cheque /Savings Examiner - PNGBC Kavieng

1985 - 2008: Batch Clerk, CSO, Teller, Examiner & Relieving OIC - PNGBC & BSP Namatanai Sub Branch

2009 - 2017: CSO, Teller, Examiner, Relieving T/L -Operations, Relieving T/L - BSP Telling

2017 - Current: Branch Compliance Officer - BSP Kavieng Branch