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NPO Current Account

This product is only offered to non-profit organisations (NPO).


  • This facility is offered to organizations that do not have a profit-making motive.
  • Minimum opening deposit - $250.
  • Minimum operating balance - Nil.
  • A cheque book is issued for this account.
  • A deposit book will be issued upon your request.
  • Account statement issuance is quarterly with the option to generate   statements at other frequencies. Any ad-hoc request will attract a fee.
  • Access to funds is via in-branch funds transfer.
  • Periodic Payment Transfers are not allowed from this account.


  • Offers the convenience of writing out cheques for payments without  visiting the Bank or ATM to access cash to make payments.     
  • No account service fee is charged.
  • Accessibility to overdraft facility when faced with unexpected expenses.

How to set up an Account

You can enquire at your nearest BSP branch for a NPO Current account or call BSP Customer Contact Centre on 132 888 or (679) 3214 300 or send your query through the Contact Us page.


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