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Terms and Conditions

Your use of any portion of the BSP Financial Group Limited ("the Bank") website is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Governing law.

You agree that your use of the BSP website is governed by the laws of Papua New Guinea. The products and services described in this site are only available to approved applicants who are Papua New Guinea residents 


None of the information on the BSP Financial Group Limited website may be used, distributed, or reproduced for commercial purposes without our prior express written permission. No third party is authorised to solicit BSP's products or services without the Bank's express written permission. There are various restrictions, limitations, and costs associated with the Bank's products and services, which are disclosed in the applicable customer agreements and continue to apply regardless of any information provided in our website. Not all products and services described are available in all geographic areas.

No warranties.

Whilst every care has been taken in producing the information on this site, BSP does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.

Limitation of liability.

BSP disclaims liability for any and all claims, losses, costs, expenses (including attorney's fees), and damages of whatever kind or nature including without limitation general, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, exemplary or treble damages ("Damages") based on any theory of liability, in connection with any use of the Bank's website and the information contained therein.


BSP reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, or the content of any portion of our website at any time without notice.