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Exchange rates for Fiji Dollar

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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For more information please contact the BSP Dealing Team.

Daven Khanna 321 4478 | 702 4102
Rehaan Janif 321 4928 | 702 4912
Anisheel Mani 321 4668 | 702 4751
Prasan Narayan 321 4532 | 702 4819

The above rates are applicable to transaction up to the equivalent of FJD 20,000.00
Transactions in excess of FJD 20,000.00 will warrant an application to BSP for firm quotations

All rates are subject to change without notice.
To convert FJD into a Foreign Currency "multiply by the rate"
To convert a Foreign Currency in FJD "divide by the rate"
NB: Certain transactions are subject to a Commission charge and/or stamp duty. The above rates have been calculated using this morning's opening International Market rates.