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  • Our Merchant Support Team is available from 8am - 9pm and on call.
  • Phone: 305 7697
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Our Forms and User Guides are made available for your convenience.

BSP has a range of EFTPoS terminals you can choose from to enhance your business and increase your profitability.

BSP has over 8,000 merchants access points and over 13,013 EFTPoS terminals based nationwide.

BSP offers three (3) types of terminals.
  1. Dial Up: This terminal will work on a dedicated phone line and a power outlet. This terminal is a solution for business that trade at a fixed address.
  2. Wireless GPRS: This terminal works using the GPRS wireless network and is an ideal solution for business. It operates wherever there is Digicel coverage and is portable and convenient to use.
  3. The IP based terminal: This terminal can be linked to IP connectivity for larger installations and has fast and efficient processing times.