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MoneyZONE Account

What's MoneyZONE?

The perfect account for under 18 year olds...

  • MoneyZONE is an electronic savings account especially designed for children.
  • It provides you with regular statements to help you keep track of your savings.
  • You will also be issued with a transaction booklet to help you record and keep track of all your transactions.

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How it works

  • If you are under the age of 13, your account will be set up as a Principal Trust account. This means your parents or guardian(s) are the ones allowed to operate your account.
  • Once you are over 13 years old, your parents or your guardian(s) will have to sign an Indemnity form to hand over the operation of your MoneyZONE account to you.
  • BSP will then issue you with your very own MoneyZONE card giving you full access to our electronic channels i.e. ATMs, EFTPOS terminals, SMS Banking and Internet Banking.
  • When you turn 18, your account will automatically migrate to the TranXact Savings Account.


What's Cool About MoneyZONE?

MoneyZONE has really cool benefits that will help you save faster.


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