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ProSaver EasyCard Account

ProSaver EasyCard is designed for low-income earners, offers secure banking and accessibility to funds.


  • Available for microfinance customers and social welfare recipients.
  • An account for day-to-day transactional needs.
  • This account is for individuals over the age of 18 years.
  • Minimum opening deposit - $10.
  • Minimum operating balance - Nil.
  • Account statement issuance is six monthly with the option to generate statements at other frequencies. Any ad-hoc request will attract a fee.
  • A transaction booklet is available for recording transactions.
  • A joint account holder's option is available.
  • Periodical payments are permitted from this account.


  • Interest rates are tiered; a higher balance will lead to more interest earned.
  • Four free electronic transactions per month are allowed. These transactions are limited to those on BSP EFTPOS, ATMs, SMS and Internet Banking.
  • Convenient access to your account via multiple electronic channels.

How to set up an Account

Please refer to the Bank Account Opening Requirements for details on how to open an account.

For more information, call BSP Customer Care on 132 888 or (679) 3234 300, send your query through the Contact Us page or enquire at your nearest BSP branch.


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