Introducing "Pay With BSP"

Now you can use your EasyCard and any Bank's VISA Debit and Credit card for online payments.

What is "Pay with BSP"? 

This is a payment option available at selected online stores that enables a customer to enjoy a hassle free digital payment channel using a BSP EasyCard and any Bank's VISA Debit or Credit card. 

Why choose "Pay with BSP"? 

  • Anytime, anywhere
    Enables you to pay for your purchases online from anywhere and anytime.
  • Safe and reliable
    This payment method is fully secured and your information is protected.
  • Safe and cost efficient
    Save your time and money and opt for the convenient and safer mode of shopping.
  • A variety of merchants
    Enjoy the “Pay with BSP” option at a growing number of IPG Merchants.

How to use "Pay with BSP"?

Visit online stores that have the option to "Pay with BSP" and select it in order to use your BSP EasyCard or any Bank's VISA Debit or Credit card.

Step 1

Visit an online store to shop for favourite goods or service.

Step 2

After you have reviewed your selection and its Terms & Conditions, click checkout. 

Step 3

Select "Pay with BSP' to proceed with making payments using a BSP EasyCard or any VISA Debit or Credit card.  

Enter your card number and the name of the cardholder.


  • While VISA Debit and Credit cardholders will need an expiry date and a CVV code, this will not be necessary for BSP EasyCard holders.
  • For BSP cardholders, you may receive an SMS OTP code (a numeric code) on your BSP registered mobile number. This is a security protocol to protect BSP’s valued customers.

Step 4

A BSP confirmation of payment will appear on your screen. Please wait to be redirected to the BSP IPG merchant’s page to complete your transaction.

Where can I "Pay with BSP"?

Any local online store that displays an option to "Pay with BSP" and these currently include these stores: Al-Hamd Smart Living, Digicel, Courts Online Store, Oceania Hospital, Pleass Global, Post Fiji eShop, CJS Supermarket, Harrisons Fiji, MH Online.

Who can use "Pay with BSP"?

Any BSP EasyCard holder and VISA Debit or Credit cardholder either with BSP or any other Bank. 

How secure is it?

"Pay with BSP" has a 2-factor authentication security protocol.  For BSP cardholders, you may receive an SMS One Time Passcode (OTP) (i.e. numeric code) on your BSP registered mobile number in order to complete an online payment.

Enjoy "Pay with BSP" today! 

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