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Premium Banking Centres

At BSP, we believe in providing our customers with the widest range of high quality and convenient banking services.

That's why we continue to expand our range of banking services to be sure we have the right services to suit all the different needs of our customers.

We are delighted to announce exciting new service innovations to enhance your banking experience. These are built around our new facilities, the Premium lounges and the Express Teller Lanes in our branches.

Premium Banking Service includes:

BSP First

BSP Priority

BSP Paramount

BSP Corporate

BSP Premium Lounges

BSP Premium Lounges will provide a number of convenient benefits including some cost saving applicable to your business and personal banking needs. By having access to BSP Premium lounges, you and your business will enjoy:

  • Service Excellence 
  • Efficient & High Quality Banking Services
  • Shorter Queues
  • Dedicated and Skilled Bankers
  • Greater Convenience
  • Automated queuing
  • Fast Service
  • Seating
  • Convenient and secure environment

Premium Lounges are now located at the following branches;

Port Moresby, Habour City , Boroko, Waigani Banking  Centre, Gordons, Vision City, Water Front, Lae, Madang, Kokopo, Mt Hagen, Buka and Kavieng.

Clients who will have access to BSP Premium Lounges include: BSP First, BSP Priority, and selected Corporate Banking and Paramount Banking clients.

Clients will conduct banking within a safe, modern and convenient environment, staffed by dedicated and experienced bankers who will provide quick and efficient service.

BSP Premium Lounges are dedicated for exclusive Business Banking needs only for Corporate and Paramount Banking clients. BSP First and BSP Priority customers will have access to conduct Personal Banking.

To be eligible to do personal banking at the BSP Premium Lounges you will need to request Priority Banking status.

Express Teller Lanes

Express Teller Lanes are designed for day-to-day banking needs where you send in your representative (administration officer, driver etc) to do your business or personal banking.

Express Teller Lanes will enable your representative to do your banking quickly with minimal queuing.

Key Port Moresby Branches have Express Teller Lanes, and in the following weeks, these lanes will be available in all our branches nationwide, so regardless of your location, you will be accorded a quick and efficient service.

Express Teller Lanes are located in our main BSP Branches nationwide, so regardless of your location, you will be accorded a quick and efficient service.

Clear signage in branches and branch staff will direct customers entitled to use them to Express Teller Lanes.

Access Cards

BSP Premium Lounges will be accessed by Access Card only. There are two separate cards.

  1. Grey Access Cards | for use at the BSP Premium Lounges and also the Express Teller Lanes.
  2. White Access Cards | Will grant access to a delegated officer to use the Premium Lounges and Express Lanes at selected branches.

An annual BSP Premium Service Fee applies.

It is our commitment to improving our product offers, service levels and access to banking services for our clients by continuing to introduce new services and technology.

We trust you will enjoy these new services that will make your banking much easier and convenient.

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