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Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility

Windows 8 comes packaged with Internet Explorer 10 (IE10).  IE10 is also available as a download.

IE10 uses a different "rendering engine" and web pages designed for older versions of IE do not necessarily work.  BSP advises customers not to use IE10 as our Internet Banking site does not support IE10 operating in its native mode.


There is a workaround for Internet Banking users who use IE10 on Windows 8.

In Windows 8, there are two ways to launch Internet Explorer (IE).

One is in "Metro" mode from the tiled desktop, and the other is in legacy mode from the legacy desktop. If you launch it in legacy mode from the legacy desktop (a separate tile on the screen), you then get access to the legacy style IE interface, which includes the "Compatibility Mode" icon in IE10.  Pressing the Compatibility Mode icon will cause our webpage to be reloaded and rendered using a different engine. The website functions correctly in Compatibility Mode.

Compatibility Mode also applies to IE10 downloaded from the Internet.

The Compatibility Mode icon is the small broken page icon in the browser address bar.  This has no background colour when operating in IE10 mode and has a light blue colour when operating in Compatibility Mode.  Shown below is the icon as displayed in the address bar of IE10:

Compatibility Mode Off:

Compatibility Mode On:

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