Notices / Changes to RBF Exchange Control Limits

Changes to RBF Exchange Control Limits

Thursday, October 6, 2022

In accordance with our regulatory obligations under the Fiji’s Exchange Control Act 1950, we disclose these Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) Exchange control limits valid for all BSP VISA Credit and VISA Debit card customers.

We also advise that all BSP VISA Credit and VISA Debit card customers must apply for RBF approval if they wish to conduct any transaction above the new delegated limits for offshore transactions as listed below:  

New Delegated Limit for locally issued BSP VISA Credit Card

VISA Credit Card repayment – Personal Customers (Classic & Gold card) *

FJ$10 000 per month

VISA Credit Card repayment – Corporate Customers (Advantage card) *

FJ$20 000 per card per month

Maximum offshore VISA Credit card withdrawals

FJ$1 500 per month

* Limits are not applicable if repayment of Credit Card and drawings from Debit Card are sourced from External or Foreign Currency Accounts.

VISA Credit card customers that may need to exceed this limit must log an application for prior approval directly with RBF along with their TIN and supporting documents. Note that for repayments above $10,000, a statement of account and tax clearance certificate is required.


New Delegated Limit for locally issued BSP VISA Debit Card

Visa Debit card payments

FJ$5 000 per month

* FJ$5000 limit includes all transactions that involves a foreign currency conversion.

VISA Debit card customers who intend to exceed the new delegated limit must advise BSP immediately via their online banking secure mail or by emailing their request along with supporting documents to with email subject line: VISA Debit limit approval: (Your mobile number and BSP deposit account number).

Please note that all requests above $20,000 will require tax clearance certificate.

Once RBF provides the approval for the request to exceed the delegated limit, BSP will communicate the RBF approval to the customer.  The Customer can then proceed with the transaction.  To view the complete Reserve Bank of Fiji Foreign Exchange Guidelines, click  

Breaches to limits

We advise our valued customers of the following penalties for breaches to the RBF exchange control limits:

  • 1st breach – A caution notice
  • 2nd breach – A warning notice
  • 3rd breach – cancellation of card

Please contact your relationship manager, visit any of our branches or contact Customer Service Centre on 132 888 (locally) or +679 3214 300 (from overseas) if you need any further assistance.