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Pleass Online Shop Accepts BSP EasyCard and VISA Payments.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

One of Fiji’s pioneer suppliers of artesian water, Pleass Global, has announced that it is now accepting online payments from BSP EasyCard and any VISA Debit or Credit cardholders through its online shop.

Company Director, Mr Warwick Pleass said the service enhancement is now possible through BSP’s Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) online payment portal and aligns with their strategic direction of going cashless and paperless.

“Customers can also order our products, ranging from the 15L water refills, PET products, coolers and selected packaging materials, through our online shop www.pleass.com/shop. Upon checking out, they will be prompted for payment.  It is here that customers enjoy the secure digital payment option of using a BSP EasyCard or any VISA Debit or Credit card.  Upon settlement the products will be delivered to their homes or offices”, said Mr. Pleass.

“Water issues have featured a lot in the media recently so we are delighted to offer families a convenient way to order and pay for the 15L Aquasafe refills and our PET range online, among our other products.  The additional advantage that the BSP IPG offers is persons living overseas can also purchase water, an essential commodity, for their families in Fiji,” he added.

BSP Country Head, Mr Haroon Ali reaffirmed BSP’s support for Pleass Global and congratulated them on their direction to go cashless and paperless through the adoption of modern technology. 

“Our joint efforts to implement this internet payment gateway has lifted the Company’s service delivery to homes and offices across the country and we are proud to indirectly help Fijians by making online payment possible for the BSP and any VISA cardholder”, he concluded.

Pleass Global has been a leader in innovation and continues to invest in new technology to better serve customers and become more proficient.  Mr. Pleass said “we were the first to equip our sales team with Sales Force Automation allowing them to process invoices in the field and also implemented an automated and integrated route management system to improve the timeliness of our deliveries”, he said.  “Our adoption of BSP's IPG will help strengthen our ecommerce offer, which is in line with our vision to lead the market with new technology”.

Pleass Global is a diverse and growing corporation principally engaged in the production and marketing of bottled water under the AquaSafe® and VaiWai® brands.  It also operates a state-of the-art bottling operation at the source, for the domestic and export markets.