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BSP signs agreement with HFC Bank.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The BSP Financial Group Ltd (BSP) has signed an interchange agreement with HFC Bank that will enable HFC Bank customers to use all BSP ATMs and EFTPOS machines for payments or withdrawals.  The same will apply vice-versa for BSP customers on all HFC Bank machines.

BSP Country Head Haroon Ali says they welcomed this bilateral partnership to include HFC Bank in the ATM/EFTPOS interchange between banks to allow HFC customers to have access to the largest network of 121 ATMs and over 2,000 EFTPOS terminals.

He says these bilateral partnerships allow BSP to realise its strategic imperative of financial inclusivity and moving Fiji towards electronic channel payments instead of cash.

HFC Bank CEO, Rakesh Ram says the signing of the bilateral agreement continues to boost HFC Bank’s commitment in achieving its digital goals that was aimed at providing greater reach to the people of Fiji and also recognised the banks’ increasing customer base.

Ram says he is very proud of this engagement with BSP which has the largest network of ATMs and EFTPOS machines in Fiji and appreciated BSP’s collaboration with Fiji’s only local bank.

HFC Bank already has an interchange agreement with Westpac Bank.