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BSP Fiji Group Donates FJ$75,000 for TC Yasa Relief

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

"We are saddened to learn about the widespread destruction and damage to infrastructure, schools, livestock and farm produce that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to rehabilitate and bring people's life back to some level of normalcy. The full extent of damages continues to be assessed by Government authorities and local and foreign partners, with horrific stories of ordeals slowly emerging." said Haroon Ali, Country Head of BSP Fiji on behalf of the BSP Fiji Group.

Mr Ali reaffirmed the BSP Group's long-standing position as a responsible corporate citizen with Fiji at heart.  "We know that we must act now to support Fiji's road to recovery and this donation demonstrates our intention to act quickly. This small contribution from the BSP Fiji Group, which includes BSP Finance and BSP Life, underpins the Group's Value of "Community and the Vanua".

Meanwhile, all companies in the BSP Group have resumed full operations from Monday (21/12). For any queries, members of the public can call the bank between 6am and 8pm daily on 132 888 or via email bula@bsp.com.fj or BSP Life on 132 700 or email bula@bsplife.com.fj.