BillPay is a secure and convenient electronic payment service accessible through BSP Online Banking.

This service allows customers to make payments from their designated BSP account direct to accounts held by Billers who participate in the BillPay Scheme. Participating organisations registered under the BillPay Scheme are referred to as Billers.

When making BillPay payments, the customer selects their nominated BSP account, selects the appropriate biller and is required to enter a reference (generally the account or invoice number held with the Biller). The Biller's BSP account is credited automatically and a unique customer reference number appears on each transaction as a record of payment. Making it easier for the Biller to reconcile their transactions.


  • Customer convenience pay bill anytime 24 hours, 7 days per week
  • BillPay can be accessed from the privacy of your home or office. Anywhere the is an internet connection
  • Bills are paid and/or received on time
  • Save time and avoid waiting in branch queues
  • Reduce fees associated with cheques, cash or paper transactions
  • Ease of reconciliation for Billers through unique references on BillPay payments

Where to apply?

For Billers please contact our Digital team on  

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