EFTPoS Terminal FAQs

Common EFTPoS error codes & terminal troubleshooting

If you receive an error code on your terminal while processing an EFTPoS transaction, it means your transaction is not completed. Here are the common error codes, what they mean and the recommend steps to take.

Common error codes





Declined call card issuer

Advise cardholder to contact their bank


Declined invalid transaction

Advise cardholder to contact their bank


Declined Call Card Issuer

Advise cardholder to contact their bank


Declined Call Auth Centre

Advise cardholder to contact their bank


Declined Do not honor

Advise cardholder to contact their bank


Declined Transaction Error

Advise customer to try again

38 or 75

Declined  PIN incorrect

Ask customer to re-enter PIN


Declined System Error

Contact Merchant Support


Declined no cheque a/c

Advise cardholder to select Savings Account


Declined No Savings A/c

Advise cardholder to select Cheque Account


Declined PIN Invalid

Advise cardholder to press correct PIN


Declined over card limit

Advise cardholder to transact the next day


Declined Issuer not available

Advise cardholder to contact their bank


Declined Card unsupported

Contact Merchant Support


Operator Time Out

Try transaction again or Contact Merchant Support


TMS Init Required

Contact Merchant Support


Account not available

Card not linked to account - Advise cardholder to contact their bank


Declined no response

Try transaction again or Contact Merchant Support


Declined communication error

No communication – Initiate Log On again


Declined Bluetooth error

Terminal not connecting to Base - Contact Merchant Support


Settlement unsuccessful

Settle Terminal again


Declined  batch Totals

Settlement already performed – see floor supervisor


Batch Cleared

Settlement already performed – see floor supervisor


Config terminal or call help

Contact Merchant Support


Declined invalid code

Press correct code


Declined Modem error

No communication with Bank - Contact Merchant Support


Decline No dial tone

No communication with Bank - Contact Merchant Support


Declined no answer

No communication with Bank - Contact Merchant Support


Declined line busy

No communication with Bank - Contact Merchant Support


MOTO tran not allowed

Device not allowed for MOTO transaction


Declined no signal

No communication with Bank - Contact Merchant Support


Declined no sim present

Confirm SIM signal on EFTPoS terminal screen and conduct Log On


Invalid Pinpad

Terminal not registered - Contact Merchant Support


Network error

No communication with Bank - Contact Merchant Support


Declined Print failed

Check Receipt Printer


Warning low battery

Charge Terminal


No printer paper tran no allowed

Printer paper depleted – Insert new paper roll


Declined Excess PIN tries

Advise customer to transact the next day


Declined card declined

Advise cardholder to contact their bank


Declined no comms server

No communication with Bank - Contact Merchant Support


Declined card blocked

Advise cardholder to contact their bank

Some Helpful Tips

  • If your terminal is frozen or not responding, switch the machine off and on again.
    • To Switch off the terminal, Hold down Function and Clear buttons same time until Terminal is completely off.
    • Press the Enter button to switch on the terminal.
  • To keep your terminal secure, do not leave your terminal unattended – always lock away terminal in secured location after business is closed.  
  • Always check your card types and validity dates , unfamiliar cards and expiry dates
  • Do not use damaged or broken cards on the EFTPoS unless using the contactless Touch & Go option.
  • Always check and verify the transaction amounts and the “Approved” messaged before handing the receipt and goods to cardholder.
  • For further support, call the dedicated Merchant Support Service Desk on 305 7697, or 320 1212 or 7030 1212 available 24/7. To ensure we can quickly assist you, have the following information readily available:
    • Terminal ID (located at the address section of the receipt)
    • Merchant Trading Name
    • Merchant Location
    • Merchant phone Number

EFTPoS Terminal is failing to connect

  • We would like to assist you resolve your EFTPoS issue as soon as possible, every time there is a disruption. Learn how to troubleshoot when your EFTPoS is down.

BSP EFTPoS Outage or Planned Maintenance

  • If you have trouble connecting, please check your email to see if you have received a “system outage broadcast” from BSP Financial Group Limited. An email broadcast will be sent to all merchants whenever there is a system outage or planned maintenance that affects EFTPoS terminals. This page will also be used to provide updates on system outage and status.

Network Outage

  • We also recommend checking if your network provider has reported an outage or planned maintenance.

Damaged Terminal

  • If you have a damaged terminal, please report it immediately to Payments Merchant Support team on phone 305 7697 and we will repair or replace it as soon as possible. Complete the EFTPoS Replacement/Retrieval/Lost form and email to BSPPaymentsServiceDesk@bsp.com.pg

Things you should know

  • Merchants are to ensure that their staff apply due care when handling BSP EFTPoS terminals. Due to the high number of incidents on damaged terminals, BSP is reviewing the increased cost of terminal replacements. A fee for damaged terminals is being considered for introduction in 2023.

Please view the following documents for further information relating to EFTPoS terminals.

  1. Merchants Terms & Conditions
  2. Operator & User Guide
  3. Merchant Quick Guide

Stationary Order – How do I order EFTPoS Stationery?

  • EFTPoS Stationary (EFTPoS rolls, Card Signages, Merchant Awareness brochures) can be ordered at all BSP Branches nationwide. Our representatives will visit you once a week to conduct merchant visits and provide onsite merchant support. They will also deliver EFTPoS rolls where required. If you see that your EFTPoS rolls stocks are running low, please see our branch nearest to you to replenish your stock.
  • BSP FC EFTPoS rolls are not to be used on other bank devices, cash registers or other receipt or ticketing machines. This will avoid you running out of EFTPoS rolls.

Replacing an EFTPoS Roll – How do I replace the EFTPoS roll on my terminal.

  1. Processing EFTPoS Transactions
  • Contactless Transactions – How do I process contactless Touch and Go transactions?

All BSP EFTPoS devices accept Contactless Transactions on the older iwl25C and the new Move5000 models.

How to process a contactless Touch and Go transaction.

  1. Enter the Sale amount on the EFTPoS device
  2. Enter the Cash Out amount where required. Press Enter if Cash Out is not required
  3. Customer is prompted to pay via contactless by displaying the Paywave sign
  4. A Merchant receipt will print once the transaction is successfully processed. Print the customer’s receipt and provide to customer

Contactless Touch and Go transactions are restricted to amounts K50 and below. Any transaction amounts over K50.00 will require an insert of the card. Only 3 Contactless transactions pf K50.00 and below can be conducted per day.

Contactless transactions are only conducted using Scheme Cards with the chip technology.

  • Processing Card-Not-Present Transactions – How do I process Card not Present and Moto transactions?

Approved Merchants in the Tourism and Hospitality industry are able to process Card-Not-Present transactions.

1: What are MOTO or card-not-present transactions?

MOTO stands for “Mail Order/Telephone Order” transactions. The transactions occur when the cardholder is not physically present to make payment using the card. The transactions are processed by manually entering the card number into the terminal by the operator/cashier either via telephone, internet, mail or mobile phone.

How to process a MOTO or card-not-present transaction.

Moto transactions will perform a straight sale (Clients account is debited and merchant account is credited

Pre-Auth transactions will require Sale Completion in order to complete a transactions. This means that the amount of the transaction is placed on HOLD by the system. The operator will need to perform a Sale Completion for the Debit and Credit to take place.

Merchant Service Fees

  • BSP charges a 1% Merchant Service Fees for all BSP cards including Other Bank local cards (example Westpac Handycard and NCSL Poro Card)

BSP also charges a 2.5% on all Scheme cards issued by both International & Local Banks – example Master Card, Visa & Amex).

Merchant Service Fee is charged on the Sale or Purchase amount for every transaction.

The Cash Out option does not attract a fee. Merchants are encouraged to utilize this service in order to reduce their cash holding, thus reducing the cash security risk on premises.

Terminal Rental Fee

  • BSP charges a Monthly GPRS Rental of K50.00 per device. This fee is collected through a monthly Standing Order.

Damaged Terminal Fee

  • BSP PNG does not currently charge Merchants for damaged terminals. With the increased number of damaged terminals, BSP is reviewing this fee and is likely to charge this fee in 2023.

EFTPoS Skimming - What is EFTPoS Skimming?

EFTPoS terminal tampering also known as ‘skimming’, and occurs when someone illegally copies a cardholder’s card details to a counterfeit card. If your terminal is not secure, a fraudster could replace your terminal with a tampered device that looks and works like your normal terminal. They could then use the tampered device to steal or copy bank card details to create fake cards and withdraw money from the customer’s account.

Merchant Fraud Prevention Tips – How do I prevent Fraud?

  • BSP EFTPoS Security
  • Merchant Fraud Prevention Tips – How do I prevent Fraud?
  • EFTPoS terminals have many security features which help protect your customers' debit and credit card details. Implementing the below can further protect your business, your reputation and customers against misuse of your terminals and fraud.

You should:

  • Keep the terminal in a secure location
  • Never leave your terminal unattended
  • Create end of day checks to ensure all terminals are accounted for and in working order
  • Ensure all employees are fully trained
  • Best practice would be to not disclose your terminal password to anyone. However if you need to tell other staff members, make sure you only disclose to a small group of staff to process refunds. They must keep the password a secret.

New Merchant Requests – New to Bank

A revised EFTPOS application form has been created for all new Merchant applications. A copy of the form is attached and also available below under Forms.

The EFTPoS Application form has been refined to simplify the process in order to improve efficiency and customer turn-around time. The number of supporting documents for new merchants has also been simplified and any new Merchants with existing BSP accounts are not required to provide any further information at application stage. New merchants who are classified as “New to Bank” will continue to provide all usual KYC documentation including Tax Registration Certificate - (TIN) and Certificate of Incorporation - (IPA)

Existing Merchants - Replacement and Additional Requests

Existing BSP Merchants who require replacement terminals, are only required to complete a simplified terminal request form signed by an acceptable representative of the merchant. A copy of the form is attached and also available below under Forms.

  • EFTPoS Replacement Form

Existing Merchants - Additional Requests

Existing BSP Merchants who require additional terminals, are only required to submit an email or letter of request

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  1. EFTPoS Application Form
  2. EFTPoS Replacement Form

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