Scheme Card Fraud - Visa and MasterCard

Card fraud occurs when a fraudster gains access to your card numbers and related card details and in some cases, PIN, to make unauthorised purchase and/or withdraw cash from your account.

It is important that when you notice unknown transactions that you may not have authorized debited to your account, that you contact us as soon as possible by calling the telephone no. located on the reverse of your card. We will investigate the matter and get back to you in the quickest time possible, while of the understanding that we will have to work with parties external to BSP in these investigations. Once the investigations have been completed and it shows that you or someone you know has not participated in the transaction and you have not breached and terms and conditions of your card and PIN usage, the fraudulent transactions may (suggest change 'may' to will') be refunded to you along with any associated fee and interest charges.

How to Detect Card Fraud -

We recommend that you sign up for online banking.

The easiest way to spot problems early is to have access to Online banking. This will allow you to check your balance and recent transactions as frequently as you like, even daily. The sooner you detect suspicious or unknown transactions the easier it will be to limit its impact on your finances.

You can keep tabs on your recent transactions via mobile banking. At the very least, you should review your monthly bank statement as soon as you receive them, and check your account balance whenever you visit an ATM or bank teller. However, it can take much longer to detect suspicious or unknown transactions using these methods.

  • In the meantime, we recommend you take the following precautions when using your card;
  • Always cover your hand when you are entering in your PIN. This is equally important for an ATM and/or an EFTPoS device.
  • Never give your card & PIN to a 3rd party such as family members or money lenders. If you do give your card & PIN out to a 3rd party, you will be breaching the terms and conditions under which your card was issued, which may result in you not getting a refund.
  • We recommend that for your peace of mind, that you change your current PIN regularly. This can be done at most ATM's.

If you have any doubts about the validity of a transaction, please contact the telephone no. on the back of your card or visit your nearest bank branch immediately and report it.