Kundu Account

BSP offers two (2) Kundu Account options for its personal customers.

Kundu Standard Account

Is best suited for customers who perform few transactions per month

Kundu Package Account

Is best suited for customers who perform multiple transactions per month

The Kundu Standard Account, and the Kundu Package Account are specially designed to suit your lifestyle.

The Kundu Account gives convenient and easy access to your money as both Kundu Account options come with a KunduCard and Mobile Banking.

You can also have access to your funds using Internet Banking.

The Kundu Account comes with a Visa Debit Card as an optional feature which is convenient when you travel overseas or when you want to make a purchase over the internet.


View our Account Opening requirements and Fees & Charges for Kundu Standard and Kundu Package Accounts.

For more information:

Call our Customer Service Centre on 320 1212 / 7030 1212 or

Email: servicebsp@bsp.com.pg

You can also visit any of our BSP branches nationwide