How to Open Savings Accounts


Kids Savings Account

Account Opening Requirement

Complete the Kids Savings Account Application Form and submit with either;

  • one or more valid identification documents or
  • one valid identification and one additional identification document

Valid identification types can be: Original Passport, Current Student Identification Card or Identification Letter from the School Principal

Additional identification types can be: Original Birth, Baptism or School Certificate

A child unable to provide any of the above identification documents can still open an account. They must provide a completed Kids Savings Account Application Form.

Parent or guardian acting as the custodian of the child's Kids Savings Account must be fully identified by the bank if they are not existing BSP customer.



Plus Saver Account

Account Opening Requirement

To open a Plus Saver Account you must first open a Kundu Account, then fill out this application form.



For more information:

Call our Customer Service Centre on 320 1212 / 7030 1212 or


You can also visit any of our BSP branches nationwide