BSP Stands in Solidarity against Violence across the Pacific

Date: Thursday 09th July, 2020

"Being a bystander in witnessing violence being perpetrated on a woman is not an option anymore," says BSP General Manager Off-Shore Branches, Daniel Faunt.

A father of two girls and a boy, Faunt is determined to add his voice to many, in calling out the perpetrators of violence because he like many, believes that violence thrives in silence.

He said: "It is important for men to stand up in solidarity with survivors of family and sexual violence and gender based violence as research shows that men are more likely the perpetrators of such violence."

Faunt's message comes out as Bank South Pacific observes the second week of #BlackThursday campaign by joining the call to action by CIMC Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee.

Mr Faunt recognises that domestic violence is prevalent in other countries and under BSP's Group Family and Sexual Violence Policy; staff across the group are able to seek help through in-country partnerships established for referral pathways.

He strongly believes that modelling good behaviour starting at home and being a positive role model to children will help bring about a changed generation where children are taught that violence is wrong and that it is a crime.

"Teaching our children to resolve conflicts through dialogue and having basic respect for one and another will build solid family values and foundation." Faunt said; "as a father, I pray my children's life story will be of love and not violence, so I have to play my part now to ensure their future is violence free."

Mr Faunt said it is through promptly reporting matters to the authorities when witnessing violence being perpetrated that sees survivors get help. He encouraged perpetrators to seek help promptly as this is an issue that breaks downs families whereby children become victims as well.

 "Our children should be our inspiration to reform ourselves," he concluded.

BSP launched its largest social justice awareness campaign #BlackThursdays on Thursday 2nd July, 2020, will observe this in the month of July, standing in solidarity against family and sexual violence and gender based violence.