Bill Pay

BillPay is an electronic payment scheme accessible through BSP Telephone Banking and BSP Internet Banking. The system enables customers to make payments to their accounts held by Billers with the BillPay Scheme from their designated BSP accounts. Participating organisations registered under the BillPay Scheme are referred to as Billers. When making payments, customers select their BSP account from which the payment will be made and are required to enter the reference number (account number held with the Biller). The BillPay Biller’s account held with BSP is credited automatically and a record of payments, stating the account numbers for payment, will be sent to the Biller the following day for reconciliation purposes.


  • Time saved by not having to join the queues
  • BillPay can be accessed from the privacy of your home or office, anywhere in PNG
  • Pay your bills on time

Fees and Charges

Electronic Banking Transaction fees apply

BillPay Brochures

To download and view the BillPay Brochures please click here.

BillPay Agreement Form

To apply for BSP BillPay visit your nearest BSP Branch to pick up an Agreement form or contact our BSP Call Centre Team on 320 1212 / 7030 1212 or Email: