Novated Lease

A fixed term, fixed rate lease to fund the purchase of motor vehicles, including insurance, maintenance, registration and safety stickers.

Novated Leases are an agreement between an employee and BSP. Once contracted, the employee (you) then novates (transfers) the lease to your employer, who makes the payments on your behalf from your pre-tax income.



  • Up to 5 year term
  • No deposit
  • Vehicle servicing included in monthly payment
  • Fixed monthly repayments of principle and interest, paid in advance
  • Potential tax advantages*



  • Lease payments are pre-tax so fully tax deductible*
  • Your business can purchase the vehicle it wants now, without large cash outlay
  • Maintenance/service costs are reduced with a newer vehicle
  • Fixed monthly payments throughout the life of the lease allows for certainty of cash flow


For further information please speak with your Relationship Manager or call BSP Corporate Banking toll free on 180 1100 or +675 305 7900.


*BSP recommends you seek independent financial advice regarding your own circumstances