Date: 22nd July 2016

Community leaders, parents and youngsters of Taguru Community in Southern Highlands, received a new basketball court, thanks to Bank South Pacific (BSP) Mendi.


This was completed as part of the Branch Community Project contribution in 2016.

Taguru is located two hours by road from Mendi town.  The staff took on a 3 weekend challenge, sometimes staying over the weekend with the community to complete the project.

Branch Manager Mendi, Billy Veveloga said, "This was a good way to give back to this community. The feeling was good, especially when we met up with the people who also volunteered to help us. We take pride in being an integral part of a community; not just as a bank but as a person in the community, who is able to contribute to make a difference."

"The court was not only used for sports, but also a meeting area for the community. We are able to provide a suitable meeting area, through this project." Mr Veveloga said.

The project was identified by staff when they visited a BSP Agent in the area. The community had a court with makeshift rings attached to wood poles with no boards. The court was a dug out and flattened surface of the court was achieved through regular use of the court.

With the help of a local contractor, the team was able to set a solid cement foundation for the court, set up basketball hoops to the boards and reinforced this to steel poles before setting it up.

The community also showed ownership by assisting the staff with manual tasks of cleaning the court area, cementing, painting and landscaping.

Taguru Councillor Terry Tame was pleased with the contribution, "the new court is one of the community assets, and will bring good things to the community, with a lot of opportunities for the youths to take part in sports, and keep busy."

"Basketball is a favorite pastime for the youngsters in the community and the improved facility is certainly an added boost. It will encourage them to have more organised competitions within our community and gives them a reason to spend time with families and friends," Mr Tame said.


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