Lae Top Town Branch


Date: 11th March 2016

Buimo Health Clinic in Lae received refurbished ablution and toilet facilities thanks to Bank South Pacific's (BSP), community project contribution.

What was once a common shared facility for male and female, staff and patients is now a renovated block with separate areas to use.

The project was identified in 2015 and Lae Top Town staff with the assistance of a contractor got straight into business, cleaning up, putting up partitions and fixing up plumbing.

They then continued with installation of new toilet pots, hand basins and installing a shower in the females block.

The completed project was handed back to Buimo Health Clinic on Friday March 11th, 2016.

Buimo Clinic OIC, Miriam Key, expressed gratitude towards the Bank for the assistance as the old toilet block was a shared facility and caused inconvenience to users.

"Most of the time, patients complain about the facility but now we are thankful for the great work done through BSP's community Project."

When handing over completed project, Lae Top Town Branch Manager, Agnes Mark said, they were pleased that they could contribute to helping a community and will continue to look at ways to improve everyday lives through worthy projects like this.

"We are pleased that these facilities will serve the people and we urge the community, patients and health workers to look after these facilities and thank the administration for allowing us to carry out this project." Ms Mark said.