Aitape Branch


Date: 2nd April 2016

Lumi Health Centre in Sandaun Province now has their wards and streets lit up; thanks to the installation of new solar lights by Bank South Pacific (BSP). The solar lights will improve the clinic environment both for the staff and patients to work and move freely around the health Centre.

Ella Benjamin,  Health Extension Officer and Officer In Charger for  Lumi Health Centre, thanked the Bank for the contribution, "The Health Centre operated with poor lighting in the wards;  Staff had to do birth deliveries using the torches and Mobile phone lights. This will help the staff especially during our night shifts."

Jack Seimoni, Provincial Director of Public Health, expressed his gratitude to BSP for the project,  "The Installation of Solar Lights at Lumi Health Centre has impacted the patients and health staffs in a positive way, as this has increased confidence in staff attending to patients and emergencies in the night and more importantly be able to aid in facilitating child birth in better lighting.."

He added, "It's a bonus for us and we will take ownership of it by looking after the project. Thank you for choosing  Lumi Health Centre as one of your community projects. BSP is not just a bank but a part of our community. Thank you BSP".

Aitape Branch staff volunteered their weekends to help with assembling the parts and up the Solar Panels, digging and setting the Street Lighting pole, painting the pole and cleaning around the project site. The project was undertaken and completed within three weeks.