Kavieng Branch


Date: 24th December 2015

BSP Kavieng staff constructed a bus stop and refurbished the Aid post at Kaselok village with the assistance of the contractor.

The staff volunteered during the weekend to help deliver the project. Project activities carried out by the staff included washing & scrubbing of ceilings, walls, doors both the interior and the exterior of the building, applying 1st and last coat of painting.

The contractor carried out activities including painting the exterior of the building and bus stop, building of new bus stop for the patients, Installation of Tank and water pipes running into the aid post, removing and fitting of the new floor tiles.

The OIC of Kaselok Aid post Mr Augustine Lopulop was overwhelmed by what BSP Kavieng branch did and ensured that the new facilities will be taken good care of.

"This project will greatly improve the services provided to our people when they come for treatment. The bus stop is a bonus as well to provide a resting place for the people to wait for PMV after they visit the aid post" Mr Lopulop said.

Branch Manager, Madeline Leka who officiated at the ceremony said that BSP recognised that having the right facilities will improve and provide better services to the people who go to Kaselok aidpost for treatment.

"We urge the local community to take care of the facilities and maintain them for the betterment of our future," Ms Leka said.


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