Beware of Phishing

There are fraudulent emails targeting BSP customers that claim to be from BSP. These are from fraudsters trying to steal customer information through this email which contains links that can lead to a website that appears to be the BSP Internet Banking Website but it is actually a fake site designed to collect banking credentials. This act is termed as Phishing.

At this point in time the emails that are being received have the subject "Incoming Payment" but there may be others of which we are not yet aware.

Please note that if you receive such emails do the following:

  • Never to click on the link
  • Look carefully at the url address to pick up any characters that do not match correctly our genuine website:
  • Advise the customer to always enter the BSP Internet website in the browser address bar themselves or to only use the link on
  • Always be careful of emails that do not address you by name as it is possibly a fraudulent email
  • Advise the customer to delete email from inbox/delete folders


BSP will never send such emails requesting for such information from our customers.

The steps listed above are standard security steps of financial organisations around the world disseminated to their customers.