How Can I Register?

Registering is easy

To enjoy the convenience of BSP’s Phone Banking, you will need:

  • A touch tone phone
  • One or more linked BSP accounts, and
  • A BSP Identification Number and Access Code

How Do I register for BSP Phone Banking?

To register for BSP Phone Banking, you will be required to complete the BSP Online Personal Banking application and drop it off at your nearest BSP branch.

To obtain more information on registering, simply call 320 1212 and a Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you. Otherwise, call into your nearest BSP branch to register.

How do I access BSP Phone Banking once I have registered?

Simply call 320 1212 and follow the simple voice prompts. Please refer the BSP Phone Banking User Guide for more information.

What are the fees and charges applicable to BSP Phone Banking?

Calls to our dedicated phone banking service are at the cost of a local call only from anywhere in PNG. Mobile phones and International calls attract standard calling rates, including bemobile customers. Normal government and bank fees will continue to apply to value transactions made on accounts.

Please refer the Electronic Banking Terms & Conditions for more information.