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    1. 2020

      1. Irene-and-Nina_Thumb

        BSP Marks World Environment Day

        Friday 05th June, 2020

        Bank South Pacific (BSP) through its Go Green Program has been a catalyst in encouraging people to save and protect our environment from different environmental challenges the world is facing today.
      2. 2020
      3. Paul-Thornton-SME-VISA-Card_Thumb

        New BSP ‘SME VISA Card’ launched

        Thursday 4th June, 2020

        "BSP's new SME Business VISA Card uses contactless technology and security and can be used anywhere within PNG or the world where VISA is accepted", said BSP Group General Manager - Retail, Paul Thornton, when launching the new card.
      4. 2020
      5. Sir-Kostas-Constantinou

        BSP Final Dividend Announcement for 2019

        Wednesday 27th May, 2020

        Sir Kostas Constantinou OBE, Chairman of Bank of South Pacific Limited (BSP) today announced the final dividend for the year ending 31st December 2019.

      6. 2020
      7. Ronesh-Dayal_Thumb

        BSP Farewells Ruha and appoints Dayal as New GCFO

        Wednesday 27th May, 2020

        "Having lived and worked in PNG for nearly 30 years, eight of which he served Bank South Pacific, Eddie Ruha has immensely contributed to the growth of the BSP Group through sheer dedication and commitment," said BSP Group Chief Executive Officer Robin Fleming, when announcing the departure of current BSP Group Chief Financial Officer (GCFO), Eddie Ruha.

      8. 2020
      9. Mrs-Waho_Thumb

        School Fee Payments made easy with BSP Mobile Banking

        Monday 11th May, 2020

        BSP has seen a positive uptake of School Fee payments through BSP Mobile Banking #131 in the country recently.
      10. 2020
      11. Robin-Fleming

        BSP Highlights Impacts of COVID -19 on the economy

        Thursday 07th May, 2020

        Today Bank of South Pacific Limited launched its quarterly Pacific Economic and Market Insights publication for Quarter 1 2020. The report highlighted the forecast impacts on economic growth across the region in the immediate aftermath of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

      12. 2020
      13. Book-bilong-Pikinini-support_Thumb

        BSP Continues Supports for BbP Libraries

        Monday 4th May, 2020

        "Equipping children at an early age to read and write is fundamental to kick start a child's life," said BSP Group General Manager Retail, Paul Thornton, when announcing BSP's continued support to the Buk bilong Pikinini (BbP) Library Learning Centres in PNG.
      14. 2020
      15. CPA-PNG-member_Thumb

        CPA PNG ready to launch e- Commerce Platform

        Wednesday 29th April, 2020

        Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) PNG in partnership with Bank South Pacific (BSP) has successfully completed necessary security tests to launch its e-commerce Payment page on its website and will complete its user acceptance test by next month. It is expected that CPA PNG's own IPG will be operational after May 2020.
      16. 2020
      17. Tree-planting-at-Badihagwa_Thumb

        BSP to Participate in Earth Day 2020

        Wednesday 22nd April, 2020

        Bank South Pacific (BSP) is commemorating Earth Day as part of its Go Green Initiative on 22nd April, 2020.

      18. 2020
      19. Ginia-Sialis_Thumb

        BSP SME customer launches payment page

        Tuesday 14th April, 2020

        Tapioca Delight announced the launching of its payment page on its website recently, making it the first BSP SME customer to embark on Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) and paving way for other SMEs to follow suit.