Smarter Ways to Pay

Date: Wednesday 06 August, 2019

Banking should not be time consuming and costly for you if take advantage of BSP's electronic banking channels, such as BSP Internet Banking or Mobile Banking via the USSD *131# service or the BSP Mobile Banking App and the convenient payments and transaction touch points, such as the EFTPoS, ATMs and BSP Agents in your communities.


As a customer, you can have access and control over your account information and transactions, to manage your banking and do your banking at your convenience anywhere and at anytime. At the same time, every customer should know your fees and rates charged to the product or service that you choose to use. In this way, you can be able to manage your banking, and use the services to your advantage with convenience. BSP Fees and charges can be found on the website,

BSP has provided services and products that suit all types of customers, from the large corporate with international banking requirements, Foreign Exchange, Trade Finance and Corporate Banking, to Small to Medium Business Banking, with SME Banking Centres, the Premium Banking Services to the  Personal Concierge  Banking through BSP First.

More importantly, none of customers miss out on BSP's banking services. The next time you are in one of the smaller provinces in PNG, look out for your green bank. BSP serves the Retail mass market customers; from your most rural villager, the coffee and cocoa farmer to the urban city dweller. Each customer has the option to bank with BSP because the  accounts are tailored to suite the frequent user to the non-frequent account user; and from the Children (0-15 years) to the Student who is studying at home, away from home… and overseas. So here are a few general tips for customers to take advantage of your banking for convenience;

BSP Waigani Branch Staff  with Lavinaware Ulu, a year 2 Diploma in Accounting student during the UPNG Expo 

Choose the right account for you - Affordable banking

Choose an Account that suits your transaction style. BSP has two Kundu Accounts available for its customers; the Kundu Standard Account and the Kundu Package Account. Both are designed specifically to suit different customers.

  • The Kundu Standard Account is for customers who do not use their accounts frequently. The Kundu Standard has no monthly maintenance fee; there is no requirement for a minimum balance and it is a pay as you go account. This means that, you are charged for each transaction that you perform and the less transactions you do, the less you pay.

  • For customers who frequently use their account, the Kundu Package Account is suitable for you. This Account does not charge for individual transactions, and therefore, you can do multiple transactions via your account. At the end of the month, your account is charged K9.50.

Both accounts give you access to Mobile Banking, Internet Banking and a KunduCard or the chip enabled Visa Debit Card.

Manage your Banking for Convenience

Pay attention to how you transact or use your account. Plan your Banking and your spending. For example, if you are going to spend K20 per day for 5 days in a week, it is better to withdraw K100 and budget for the week, rather than visiting the ATM each day to withdraw K20. Daily visits to the ATM, will be time consuming and may be more costly for you.

You can Purchase EasiPay and Mobile Credits via Mobile Banking. There is no need to visit shops to do this.

If you want to send money to your family, you can simply do a transfer from your account to their account via Mobile Banking or Internet Banking. You can do this in the comfort of your home, office or while you are on the go.

Use the services of a BSP Agent or a Sub Branch near you. BSP Agents and Sub Branches are located in your community for convenience. You don't need to travel into main towns or cities to do your basic banking. Do your banking in your community.

The BSP Visa Debit Chip Card provides customers contactless capabilities for Touch and Go payment convenience.  Making it easy to purchase goods and services at a shop or facilitate payments overseas.

Central Dabaris Rugby players filling out application forms to open accounts and register for mobile banking during the FLT training

Better Banking Habits for Security

Avoid carrying too much cash. Use you KunduCard or Visa Debit Card for your shopping and cash out if required to cater for fuel, PMV fares or for the market. There is no need to carry excess cash. The enhanced BSP Visa Debit Chip Card provides added security for all payments. This new enhancement has been implemented, to counter and protect customers against security breaches and counterfeit card fraud.

Sign up for Personal Internet Banking, so you can monitor your payments and view your statements online at your convenience. You can also schedule future payments, and make transfers and payments to other accounts, with a receipt of payment generated. Simple channels such as this, makes daily transactions quite convenient for the busy customer.

BSP remains committed to providing practical and cost effective banking solutions for its customers in PNG and the Pacific. Consider the banking channels available and use it to your advantage. We look forward to hearing from you, You can contact us via email:, or call our Customer service centre on 320 1212/7030 1212 for more information.