BSP Security Personnel Recertified as Reserve Police Officers

Date: Wednesday 11th September, 2019

Bank South Pacific (BSP) witnessed the recertification of 10 BSP security personnel as reserve police officers last Friday at the BSP Gordons Commercial Centre. The refresher training focused on; use of force, Family Sexual Violence, and court file preparation.


In the continued effort to the upskill and strengthen security personal, BSP and RPNG have continued to work in close partnership as part of the Memorandum of Agreement between the RPNGC and BSP since 2000.

The certification and pass out ceremony was witnessed by BSP Deputy Chief Operating Officer Frank van der Poll and NCDC Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N'dranou.

Mr Van der Poll when inspecting the officers during the parade said, "It was not only the bank's commitment but a personal commitment they made to the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and the bank to uphold the law, protect the community and its properties."

He said, security was an integral part of the BSP's operations and the bank has a long standing partnership with the RPNGC and we're pleased that we continue to support the RPNGC.

Met Supt N'dranou also challenged the 10 officers to perform duties required of a police officer when in the police uniform.  "You are police officers now and will carry out duties that are required of police personnel," Met Supt N'dranou added.

The 10 participants of the refresher training are Pirika Kupa, Philip Gadoyala, Patrick Hane, Nicky Onom, Hercules Killal, Cecilia Ongugo, Susan Ma'a, Don Karau, Jack Aisi and Pokana Kopi.

BSP Deputy Chief Operating Officer Frank van der Poll inspecting the officers

Certified reservist with the BSP Managment and NCDC Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N'dranou