BSP Supports 2018 PNG Real Estate Show

Date: Wednesday 16 May, 2018

The PNG Real Estate Show promises to be better than last year, and Bank South Pacific has raised its hand to sponsor this event with K40,000.

BSP & Hausples

The show will be staged in PNG by Hausples on the 1st - 2nd of June, 2018.  The event is dedicated to exhibit the Real Estate Industry at the Sir John Guise Indoor Complex.

The show offers agents, developers and those related to the property industry, the chance to exhibit to a large local and international audience of buyers, renters and investors.

BSP Deputy General Manager-Retail Banking, Mr Kili Tambua presented the cheque to the Hausples General Manager, Mr Tom Snelling today. Mr Tambua said, "The demand for housing and home ownership remains high in the market, with increased interest expressed for information and direction on how to obtain home loans with the Bank."

"As a Diamond Sponsor of the 2018 Papua New Guinea Real Estate Show, BSP will set up a booth and have staff available to showcase and provide information on its Home Loan and First Home Ownership Scheme (FHOS) Products available to the public." Mr. Tambua said.

Mr Snelling thanked BSP for its support towards the show when receiving the cheque and said, "The show will be bringing together everyone who is involved in the Property Industry; from Agents and Developers to Banks and Insurance, Building and paint suppliers to TV and Internet; all under one roof."

"BSP's presence is very important to the show.  BSP is PNG's leading bank and provider of home loans.  The financial side of Real Estate is one of the biggest challenges that face every potential buyer and it is critical that they understand exactly what options they have to them," said Snelling.

Visitors to BSP's Booth and fellow exhibitors will also have the opportunity to open personal accounts and to learn more about BSP and its various products and services through face to face conversations with our different Business Units and Subsidiaries who will be happy to assist.