BSP Support APEC Business Advisory Council PNG

Date: Thursday March 8th, 2018

Bank South Pacific is pleased to support the APEC Business Advisory Council PNG (ABAC) towards a series of APEC events in 2018 with a sponsorship of US$150,000, close to K500,000. 

BSP Group Chief Executive Officer, Robin Fleming presented the cheque of US$150,000 to ABAC member and ABAC Chair 2018, David Toua, today (8th March, 2018) at BSP Ravalien Haus, Port Moresby.  

 In presenting the cheque, Mr Fleming said: "As a leading bank in PNG and the South Pacific, BSP raised its hand in supporting a series of APEC events, namely the MSME Symposium (which will be held on 12th - 13th September, 2018), and the ABAC CEO Summit (on the 15th - 17th November, 2018) under the Gold sponsorship category.

 "BSP looks forward to supporting and participating in discussions to forge good relations with its neighbours and the wider global community, in engaging in dialogue with APEC Economy Leaders, Ministers, and high-level government officials and to discover business opportunities through networking with CEOs from the Asia-Pacific," said Mr Fleming.

 Mr Fleming added that BSP will also be announcing its support to the disaster stricken earthquake areas affected in a separate presentation. "We also supported the communities in our Pacific Island operations where the cyclone hit recently."