BSP Expresses Disappointment on Alotau Incident

Date: Tuesday June 19th, 2018

BSP would like to confirm that a BSP ATM in Hagita, Milne Bay Province, was ransacked in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday 19th June, 2018), with its safe taken away by armed criminals.

According to BSP General Manager, Retail, Paul Thornton, at least two people were seriously injured during this incident. "We would like to pass our thoughts and prayers to those injured people one of whom was an ambulance officer who was attending the scene to assist the first person shot during this criminal attack."

"We would also like to express our disappointment at yet another violent robbery in the Province and advise that we will not replace the ATM until security in the area improves."

This incident follows an armed robbery outside our Alotau branch in December during which two people died and an armed robbery at our Padipadi sub branch.

"BSP takes banking to all Provinces of Papua New Guinea as well as to many Districts. Criminal attacks such as this results in important community services being disrupted and holds back the economic development of rural people who are deprived access to financial services", Mr Thornton said.