BSP Brighten up Kwikila Secondary School with Solar Lights

Date: Thursday June 21st, 2018

Boarding students in rural Kwikila Secondary School now have access to better lighting, with the completion of Bank South Pacific's Solar Lighting Community Project.


The project which took 4 weeks to complete saw the installation of 15 solar lights poles for the school grounds and indoor lights to light up the staff administration office and the students' dormitories.

The project also gathered the support of staff over two weekends to do renovation and repainting of the student assembly hall and the mess to brighten up school.

The project handover was done on Tuesday 19th June, by BSP's Deputy General Manager Retail - Sales, Mr Kili Tambua and was witnessed by over 200 students.

In receiving the project, Deputy Principal for Kwikila Secondary School, Tou Ogwasi thanked BSP for the support. He added, "The solar lighting equipment has contributed positively to the school in saving costs for the fuel for the generator. But more importantly, students now have a reliable source of light in the evening to do their studies."

"I went to Port Moresby last week and on the way back, I was informed that there was a black out and we didn't have fuel for the generator. As we drove into the school, I could see the bright lights and students studying under solar powered lights. I smiled to myself. Thank you, BSP," Said Mr Ogwasi.

Kwikila Secondary School in the Central Province is the 11th recipient of BSP's 2018 Community Project, themed 'Solar lights in High Schools'.

Speaking at the ceremony, BSP's Deputy General Manager Retail - Sales, Mr Tambua, thanked the Students and staff for their support and urged the community to take care of the lights.

The BSP Community Projects are undertaken by each branch in PNG and the Pacific, as a way for our staff to contribute meaningfully back to the community. This project was delivered by, BSP's Finance & Planning, Retail Bank and the BSP First team at a total costs of K75,000.

Also handing over their community project was BSP Kiunga who lit up four grade 10 classrooms at Aiambak High School, Kiunga on 16th June, 2018, and BSP Waigani Drive Branch, who completed and handed over their Project to Mainohana High School in the Central Province on 20th June, 2018.