Date: Friday 09th June, 2017

Residents of Morata in the National Capital District will have an improved and friendlier clinic environment thanks to BSP Paramount Staff.

The newly refurbished Morata Suburban Clinic was officially handed over to the Health Department and Morata community after the BSP renovated  the old building. To add to this project, the team installed a new water tank, a refrigerator for vaccines and presented beddings and chairs for the wards.

This was delivered on Thursday 8th June, as part of the Bank's community projects undertaken through its branches and Business Units (BU). The renovation and donation was worth K25, 000.

BSP Paramount staffs volunteered to work during weekends with nursing staff to help the local contractor. The staff painted the seating area and walls, and assisted to setting up the base of the water tank while the contractor worked to complete the full renovation.

"BSP is pleased to be a part of the community, here in Morata. Our commitment is more than banking. We believe that we're all a part of a community. A healthy community and family will contribute meaning fully to the country," said Peter Toran, Relationship Manager, Paramount Banking.

 "With improved working environments, the clinic staffs are motivated to serve better, while the patients are more comfortable and relaxed when they visit the clinic," he added.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Morata Clinical Manager, Sister Helen Kaii thanked BSP for the work done well."

She added, "The clinic's staffs are motivated and thankful for the recognition and the bank's willingness to give back to a community that needs a helping hand. We will be working in a better environment, while our patients will have a better waiting area."

 "The building now looks bright and welcoming and we hope to serve patients better here around Morata community," said Sister Kaii.

BSP has delivered 287 community projects since 2009, worth over K6.7 Million. In 2017, BSP plans to undertake 48 community projects in PNG worth K1.2 Million. This will be executed through all branches and through Business Units.