IBSU students open new accounts

Date: Tuesday 08th August, 2017

Students and staff of Institute of Business Studies University (IBSU) were given the opportunity to open new accounts at the school campus, yesterday (Monday).

BSP Branchless officer Micheal Bee issuing the card and Pin to student.

The account opening was facilitated by the Port Moresby Branch team, and arranged by the university's Public Relations team.

The visit was a follow on visit from last year, and this allowed for students and staff to open new accounts, register for Visa Debit Cards and e-banking services (mobile banking & Internet Banking).

"Often time's students and staffs either don't have the time to travel to Port Moresby and visit the bank to open accounts. Through this arrangement, the school is able to provide reference and support our students to open accounts," said IBSU Public Relations Executive, Karen-Marie Lillie.

"We are also very grateful that BSP staff took time to bring this service to our campus as it is our vision to enrich the lives of people around us," she said.

"For students, a Sumatin account ensures that their family or sponsor can transfer money electronically to their accounts. Students can check their balance Mobile Banking, it's convenient."

Having accounts, for students and staff, has also assisted executive staff in minimising security risks in handling cash payments every pay week.

"We now have all our staff from the cleaner to the executive level as active with bank accounts. This is also possible, because BSP is able to visit our school to facilitate this."

Close to a hundred students and staffs open accounts and register for the e-banking services.