Date: Tuesday 12th September 2017

Bank South Pacific (BSP) is pleased to support the 6th Regional Tuna Industry and Trade Conference with a platinum sponsorship of K40,000.00 for the event scheduled for 13th-14th September at The Stanley Hotel, Port Moresby.

BSP Head of Trade Finance, Peter Rhodes presented the cheque to the National Fisheries Authority on Monday 11th September, 2017, at The Stanley Hotel during the Fisheries Industry sponsorship announcement in Port Moresby.   

"As a leading financial institution in the South Pacific, BSP raised its hand in supporting the regional event to promote the sustainable management of the tuna resources in the Pacific at the same time encouraging policies that aim to maintain stronger economic and better livelihood of the tuna industry in the region." Rhodes said.

"BSP will have a booth set up during the event which will allow visitors to the conference the opportunity to open personal accounts and to learn more about BSP and its various products and services through face to face conversations with our staff."

This event is organised and hosted by the National Fisheries Authority.

BSP looks forward to meeting with delegates of the forum during this time.