Date: Friday 11th August, 2017

Bank South Pacific's community project focus in 2017, is to support health and wellbeing of women and children.

With this in mind, BSP Staff in Alotau reached out to two communities in Losuia District, Milne Bay Province, to renovate the communities' birth houses.

The birth houses are located in Tukwaukwa and Obweria villages respectively but serve mothers from surrounding villages and islands.

The project was selected when a request was made to repair one of the buildings that had been damaged by a fallen coconut tree. The damage left part of the rooms exposed to weather and couldn't be used.

BSP staff assisted in the clean-up of the site, general maintenance and repainting walls; while a contractor was sourced to complete other renovations.

The branch staff also assisted to install a new water tank to give access to clean drinking water.

BSP Community Project team leaders, Max Dobu and Luke Gumwatu, applauded the local villagers for taking ownership and volunteering to help to complete the project.

"We can see how important this project is, for the community, and we are proud to be a part of making that difference in this community through our project. The project will go a long way in providing a clean and safe building to attend to child births," said Mr Dobu.  

The birth houses were established in 1991, through the Village Birth Attendant Program, that was initiated by the Provincial Health Office and UNICEF, with the aim of reducing infant and maternal Mortality. A Training Centre is located in Losuia with two birthing houses in Tukwaukwa and Obweria villages funded by AUSAID and LLG- DSIP.  Village birth attendants are selected by their communities and trained by experienced maternal Health Nurses.

The community project is near completion and will be handed back to the community later this month. BSP has completed and delivered 9 Community projects out of 48 projects planned for 2017. The Bank has delivered 287 community projects since 2009, worth over K6.7 Million.